Thursday, October 31, 2013

Watch out for Zombie Birds!

It is Halloween, so it is time to share one of my greatest fears with my readers. That fear is the possibility of bird zombies. I would be worried about ghost birds, but I don't think they exist. However, zombie birds are a definite possibility. The biggest problem with zombie birds is that you wouldn't be able to tell them from a normal, alive bird because birds have no brains and they just kind of fly around dropping bird bombs at will. The only advantage would be that they wouldn't have enough sense to know that they are supposed to eat brains so they would probably be flying around acting stupid--trying to eat gravels and such. Don't they do that already when they are live birds? Since it is Halloween, and I have sent many of the little feathered varmints to meet their maker, I will be extra vigilante in watching for those zombie birds. I suggest you be extra careful too. Remember, if a zombie bird comes to your door saying "trick or treat", Don't answer it! Demon Flash Bandit (Happy Halloween)

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