Friday, October 11, 2013

McDonalds CEO Likely Overpaid

Finally, a McDonalds worker has stood up and told the CEO that the place doesn't pay enough. What this dog wants to know is why so many people think that it is okay for these places to pay their employees so little? The amount of wages a human gets depends on the cost of living at the time. During the 1800's, $8.00 an hour would have been big money. It is not today. I am going to venture a guess that if I saw the pay that the McDonalds CEO makes, I would think that he is overpaid, yet so many of the humans think that is okay. Yes, some fast food workers do make a lot of mistakes, and aren't that good at their job. Being bad at their job is a trait that I'm sure is shared by a lot of CEOs judging from how many big companies have had money problems in recent years. One advantage to paying more is that they could get better educated workers who do a better job and make fewer mistakes. As a dog who loves fast food burgers, it would also make me feel better that the human who is making my food knows what they are doing. It seems to me that the food you eat makes you vulnerable to a lot of possible things including food poisoning. This is why I wonder why the silly humans want to hire people and pay them nothing and then let them handle their food. If you ask me, I think the humans who are eating at the fast food places are the ones who should be wanting the employees to get more money! When I eat a hamburger from McDonalds, I don't want to get sick afterward! Here is the link to the topic: Demon Flash Bandit (Practical Dog)

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