Wednesday, October 9, 2013

No Halloween Costume for This Dog!!!!

The leaves are changing color, and the air is getting a big cooler so that means that autumn is arriving.  It also means that the dog dreaded (at least for myself and Angel Zoom Smokey) Halloween holiday will be approaching.  Halloween has the potential to be a great holiday what with the free candy being showered around the neighborhoods.  However, even free candy cannot alter the fact that the humans always see some cute dog Halloween costumes, and they get overly optimistic that their dog, who ordinarily won't even wear a hat, will stand still long enough for the humans to put an elaborate costume on the dog.  Every year, Mommy goes shopping and I hear her telling my brother Jeff that the store had such an adorable Halloween costume that would just make Demon look so cute.  I look cute no matter what.  I do not need a costume to be cute.  The costumes are also getting sillier and more humiliating each year.  Do you really think a dog wants to dress up as a squirrel, frog, a skunk, or a banana.  My Mommy has past Halloween costumes she bought for me which I refused to wear.  One year she tried to dress me as a submarine--this for a dog who hates baths and stays away from water.  What was she thinking when she bought it?  I might add that some of these costumes can be downright dangerous.  For example, let's say you are a dog dressed as a banana, and you run into a monkey.  The monkey sees you, gets hungry, and thinks he has the chance to eat the world's largest banana.  Do you really think a monkey could resist that banana?  Of course he can't so you would be the first dog to be a casualty of a Halloween costume.  You would think the humans would be able to think these things out for themselves, but the humans are brain challenged.  Remember all the dogs reading this:  if your human tries to dress you in a costume, be as uncooperative as possible.  If your humans are like most of them, they will give up after about an hour.  Then you have won!!!

Demon Flash Bandit (Not Dressing in Costume for Halloween)

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