Sunday, October 6, 2013

Disney Should Build a Park for Dogs

Disney parks have always been very nice in dealing with those humans who are disabled.  However, recently this practice has been getting some criticism because there has been at least one expose about how some disabled people were charging large amounts of money to go with able bodied families so that they can avoid waiting in line.    Here is the link:

I think Disney was being very nice in the past, but I can understand why they have to change their handicapped policies.  Yes, it isn't fair to those who don't abuse the privilege, but life is not always fair.  Besides, if it continues as it is now, it isn't fair to anyone that the able bodied children get to be first in line just because their parents can afford to pay a handicapped person to accompany them throughout the park.

It is only natural that some of the humans are already complaining about this new policy even though it does not officially go into effect until October 9.  Some of the parents complaining are those whose children are autistic.  I barked at Mommy to find her opinion on this matter since Mommy had 2 sons who were autistic (the oldest one with Asperger's Syndrome died in 2002 at the age of 22).  Although Mommy knows it can be a hard road when the child has a "melt-down, autism is one handicap that is very easy to fake since autistic children do not look any different from non-autistic children.  There are also different levels.  Both of my brothers were high functioning.,  In fact, the oldest one was a child prodigy.  The tricky thing is to remember that although autistic children are not good at waiting in long lines, the new policy does not require a long wait in line.  Besides, the modern method of assuming that the world will always accommodate  the individual is too simplistic.  Sometimes the individual has to learn to deal with the world as it is--because believe me, one day they will be in a situation where they won't have a choice. Having the world cater to them is not educating them to the ways of the world.  Besides,  I've seen plenty of "normal" children have melt-downs when they have to wait long in line.  Children just don't have a of of patience. Patience has to be learned.

Sure, it would be nice to  live in a world where everyone does the right thing, and everyone is honest, but that is not the world in which we live.  If Disney dealt with dogs instead of humans, they would not have these problems which is why they should start implementing my idea:  a resort location that is made specifically for dogs.

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