Saturday, October 26, 2013

Movie Review: The Conjuring

The movie I am reviewing today is The Conjuring. This is based on a true story of a case that was investigated by Ed and Lorraine Warren who were paranormal researchers or demonologists or, (from the skeptics), crazy humans. Of course, you can't "prove" whether these events happened or not, but they are supposed to be real events. The Perron family moved into a farm house in Rhode Island, which unbeknownst to them had a lot of tragedies occur in the house. The house was haunted by many of the people who died under tragic circumstances in the house. The haunting affected the Perron family to the point where they called in Ed and Lorraine Warren to investigate. The Warrens proclaimed the house to be haunted, and then helped the family get rid of the "haunting". The family couldn't just move to another house because the entity would have moved with them. This was a good movie except for the beginning part where the family moved in and their dog refused to come into the house. I think this is yet another case of a dog having sense having to deal with stupid humans! The dog was murdered and it was by the entity in the house. I think when a ghost starts messing with the family dog, then the ghost has stepped over the line and should be kicked out of the house. I give this movie 4 paws up and that would be 8 out of 10 on the human movie scale. I also want to add a bit of practical advice. If you are planning to buy a new house, take your dog with you to look at the house. The dog will be living there too, and if the dog refuses to walk inside, you know not to buy that house. Humans could save themselves so much grief if they just did what their dogs told them to do. By the way, judging from the financial success of this movie, I'm going to venture a guess that there will be more movies based on the Warrens paranormal research. Demon Flash Bandit (Movie Critic)

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