Saturday, October 5, 2013

Crash Dummy Dogs

I'm not sure if, as a dog, I should be happy or sad about this entry.  Subaru has been working on a seat belt restraint for dogs.  I do applaud the concern Subaru is showing over dogs.  However, as a dog who has doggy seat belts, I don't particularly like them.  Putting one's head out the window happens to be the most fun a dog can have riding in a car.  I suspect that the humans, who aren't smart enough to put their head out the window are jealous of our freedom and fun and are just trying to take it away from us dogs.   Here is the link to the Subaru story:

One  good thing about this test is that the humans have made some "crash dummy dogs" to use in the experiments.  A dog crash dummy is cuter than any human crash dummy ever made, and I bet the dog crash dummies aren't dumb at all compared to the human crash dummies.  My humans actually had a friend who was a crash dummy.  I bet  my readers didn't know that some of the crash dummies are actual people and not mannequins.  My dad worked at the Ford plant in Wixom,  Michigan which is no longer operational.  In its heyday, it manufactured Lincolns.  One of my dad's co-workers had the job of driving the cars from the end of the assembly line onto the car haulers.  He wrecked a couple of Lincolns and he was called Crash Dummy.  I won't divulge his "real" name because my guess is that he didn't choose to be called Crash Dummy.  It was probably a name given to him by his co-workers to annoy him.  Since he often had to drive the cars outside in the winter, it can get very slippery in MI so I'm sure the job was a lot harder than it sounds.   I'm also sure he had to load a lot of cars everyday.

My Mommy does think it is nice that Subaru is watching out for us dogs.  I think Nissan has a car or SUV with a doggy ramp built in.  Mommy does not buy any car that isn't made by an American company.  However, she does think it is very nice that the foreign companies are watching out for us dogs and she thinks Ford and General Motors should follow suit!

Am I the only dog who thinks that the doggy crash dummies are geniuses compared to the humans?

Demon Flash Bandit (Doggy Crash Dummies)

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