Monday, October 7, 2013

Dog Dynasty!!!!

Normally, I'm not a fan of reality television shows, but I have to make an exception with the show, Duck Dynasty.  Mommy (my human one) bought 3 seasons of the show to see what it was like.  She got curious about the show when she found Duck Dynasty merchandise everywhere she went.  It was at Walmart, Meijer, Kroger,  the lemonade stand down the street, and in Captain Jack Sparrow's treasure chest!  Wait until you see Sparrow in his camouflage

The show is about a family who operates a business making duck calls.  The whole idea of a duck call is interesting.  I know a lot of dogs who would be buying squirrel and  chicken calls if they made them.  The family has 2 dogs:  Jessee 3 and Bo Bo so they are obviously  smart humans.  In one episode, Miss Kay (the matriarch of the family) decides to buy a new couch, but when she gets it home, she decides she doesn't like it.  Why doesn't she like it?  Because the dogs don't like it, and aren't even jumping on it.  You have got to love a human that takes a dog's opinion that literally.  If the dog doesn't like it, it does not stay!!!

I like this show, and the humans on the show.  They seem like very nice humans, and very down to Earth.  Unlike some of the programs where the humans don't seem to live on the same planet as everyone else.  Some of the humans Mommy grew up around were very much like the Robertsons.  Mommy grew up in Georgia, and many of her relatives still live there.  The Robertson family are self described "red necks", and this dog  thinks being a red neck must be lots and lots of fun.  I would even consider wearing a camouflage hat if the humans would take me out hunting.  I don't like to wear clothes, but a dog does what he has to do to get to enjoy the fun things in life.  I do have a suggestion to make the show even better, and that idea is to cancel the ducks and bring on the dogs.  Doesn't Dog Dynasty have a nice sound to it?

Demon Flash Bandit (Suggesting a Pilot Episode of Dog  Dynasty)

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