Saturday, October 19, 2013

Dogs: Better Role Models Than Dinosaurs

I have put on my white "scientist" lab coat because today I am going to write about the Barney generation. Demographers have not yet coined the term, but I'm sure once I use it in my blog, it will become a common household term. The Barney generation is the generation that is coming of age during this time period. They were about the proper age to have watched Barney the Dinosaur on television when they were young so now we can see what influence the big purple dinosaur had on those children. I'm sure many of you are saying, Demon, how could a big purple dinosaur filled with love have anything but a good influence on children. On the surface, that may seem true, but is it really? Let's take a good look at Barney. He is a tyrannosaurus rex which means he is a big ferocious, meat eating dinosaur. This means that if you had run into one in his time period, you would probably be his dinner. This hardly sounds like the behavior of a dinosaur that is filled with love. Perhaps he should have been Barney the large Purple Brontosaurus. They are also large, but they are vegetarians so they don't tend to think of humans as dinner subjects. The Barney generation has been brought up with the concept that life is supposed to be fun, and big purple dinosaurs are friendly. This probably explains why so many of them are applying for work at zoos where they want to work in the dinosaur section. I wonder how they are going to take it when they find out that dinosaurs are extinct? This could bring on a serious bout of Barney depression. Barney depression can only be cured by the Ninja Turtles because no one can be unhappy when talking with a turtle who has serious ninja skilled. I've got to go now. Donatello needs me! Demon Flash Bandit (Dogs Better than Dinosaurs)

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