Friday, October 25, 2013

Innovative Dog: Demon Flash Bandit

How many times have you heard a dog say, I am in the mood to eat a delicious, juicy steak. I'm sure it has happened many times to many dogs. The dog goes to the supermarket and picks out a nice steak--maybe a porterhouse, and then he brings the steak home and he realizes, much to his dismay, that his mouth is watering for a nice grilled steak, but there is no grill. Maybe he has a grill, but the propane has run out, and filling it would take too much of his bone treat money! What is a dog to do in that situation? This is where the Internet comes to the rescue because, no matter what a dog needs to learn, chances are someone on the Internet has made a video and posted it on how to do it. In my search for how to grill a steak without a grill, I found a very interesting series of programming that I want to share with my readers. That series is "cooking with hoarders". Here is the link for the one in which he shows you how to cook a steak without a grill inside in your own kitchen which means that you can cook a steak anytime of the year which, I don't think I need to tell you, is a handy thing to know. Here is the link: I will warn you ahead of time that if you are a dog who gets sick easily or who has a weak stomach, you might want to skip watching this video. I have to admit that most dogs, including myself, don't really like watching this human cook because it is really disgusting. Just the scene in the beginning where defrosting the steak involves the toilet is enough to make most humans and dogs stop watching, and it does take a lot to make most of us dogs gag. If only there existed an easier way to grill a steak inside that is less disgusting. Wait a minute, isn't that why most humans own a George Foreman grill? Yes, dogs, spend the extra money and get a George Foreman grill. Demon Flash Bandit (Innovative Dog)

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