Sunday, February 28, 2016

I.Will Make Guest Appearances

I have some super exciting news.  Humom got a call from the doctor's office Friday with the results of her blood tests.  She has an appointment with the nephrologist (kidney Dr.) next month.
Her kidneys are worse, and she will.probably start dialysis soon.  Her kidneys used to work at 25% efficiency, and now they are working at 10%.  I realize that isn't good news, but she says she will have some wasted time so she plans to start a blog. She will write it herself so it will be from a human's point of view.  I think it will be a refreshing change on the Internet to read a blog that is actually written by a human instead of a dog..  I have my doubts that humans can read it, but perhaps they have or know a dog who can read it to them. It will probably be a video blog so Angel and I can make occasional appearances on mom's show. Humom is old and not pretty so we will be the "eye candy  " on her show.  If I were humom, I wouldn't write the blog. I would use the time for sleeping.   However, the humans like to feel useful.  That is probably why so many of them have jobs.  There's a nasty rumor that Siberian Huskies are a working breed, but that rumor is erroneous.  We are lap dogs!

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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Chicken Soup

Today I  am sharing a link to the blog, Gone to the Snow Dogs.  The blog is a video blog which is done by 3 Siberian Huskies and their human.  In this episode, the human was making chicken soup that did not involve a can with Cambells or Progresso on it.  She made 2 containers of the soup.  The dog's soup was slightly different, but both were made from the same basic ingredients.  It looked delicious, and I know it isn't just for huskies.  All breeds would enjoy the soup.The blog is and I have included a link to it at the end of this blog entry.  My mom's  chicken soup.usually involves a can, which has to be opened and heated (usually in a disposable bowl in the microwave).  Her homemade chicken involves cans of chicken broth, rotisserie chicken that she buys at Meijer already cut up into pieces (all white meat) frozen soup vegetables, and pasta or rice..  I'm going show mom a can of soup. It.would be no e if she made it herself, but mom is handicapped and may not be able to do so.   However, a can of soup is still better than dog food!
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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Problems of a Dog Who is also a Doctor

My humom had an appointment with the doctor Monday.   It was just a routine checkup.  I had planned to go with her since I am her attending doctor at home.  Humom told me I wasn't allowed to accompany her because she
was using public transportation.  She isn't able to drive at present.  She said they don't allow dogs on the bus unless they are service dogs.  What is the world coming to when a doctor faces such discrimination just because of his species?  Nurse Angel Fussy Wussy Butt is prohibited also.  This means that if I get sick, someone else would have to take me to my veterinarian. If a bus won't allow me to ride, you know an ambulance is also only for humans.  Whitley, if you read this, I need your help.  Whitley is my friend of the dog persuasion who graduated from Harvard.  It is time for dogs to stand in solidarity against such discrimination.  I have got to go now.  Humom is handing out milkbones and I need to get my share.

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Sunday, February 21, 2016


At the risk of sounding paranoid; I must remind you that if it is actually happening, it is reality.  I am a big, strong he dog, and I don't scare easily unlike Angel Zoom Smokey.  She is a regular scaredy cat.  If the light goes off for 30 seconds, she is looking for a place to hide.  Why do I think I am being harassed?   I don't think it- I know it.  My internet service was out most of  the day yesterday so I could not write my blog.  That, in itself, could be a coincidence.  However, I started writing 2 blogs today, and both disappeared into cyberspace before I could publish either of them. Today's blog loss proves that my political rivals are trying to sabotage my campaign.  Of course, I am sure the birds are in on it because they know this dog will do everything possible to stop their plans for world conquest.  I knew when I shared the truth about Trump's squirrel hair, that he would join the birds in attacking me.  As your president, I will be honest in all my endeavors.  I will continue to talk about Trump'ssquorrel head.  Perhaps his hair will enter squirrel reba b

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Friday, February 19, 2016

Demon Flash Bandit for President

I know my readers are interested in my view of my opponents in the next presidential election.  Today, I am going to discuss one of the Repblican candidates:  Donald Duck,
oh yeah, Trump.  I am not convinced  that a bird would be a better leader than a human, but a lead dog is obviously the best choice.

He says it his real hair, but I say if it is real (and I have my doubts), he is suffering from a severe case of squirrel head.    I'm sure that everyone agrees that hair is one of the most  important qualities that we look for in a presidential candidate.    Do we want a president who runs in front of cars or collects acorns instead of running the country?  I think not!!   Nut growers could bribe him with pecans and cashews.  The territor Don breed   representatives are very worried about the whole squirrel thing.  I bet Trump doesn't have a pet dog so who would help him make the big decisions?  The Secretary of State would be replaced with a squirrel groomer.

My fur is gorgeous and I am wearing my  real tail--.not a squirrel tail!  A vote for me is a vote for a handsome president who would look good on television.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Valentine's Day

I hope my readers had a wonderful Valentine's Day. The chicken in the photo was my gift from the humans along with a bacon double cheeseburger from Georges Coney Island.  Of course, Angel received the same gifts as I.  The chicken has advanced squeaky technology which means it makes more than one noise.  In the old days, dogs had to make do with one squeaky noise.  Thankfully, scientific dogs working in their labs (some of them were labs) realized that dog toys could be improved.  I wonder what they will invent next
  Perhaps edible squeaky toys?  Obviously, I had a nice holiday.  My Valentine, Angel Zoom Smokey lives here with me and I offered to give her puppies that would be absolutely adorable, but as usual, she did not cooperate
  She tells me if she has puppies, she can't be the puppy.  Personally, I find myself irresistible so I don't know how she can leave me alone.  Sometimes I stand in front of a mirror just to admire myself.

Since Angel never seems very interested in toys, I took her toy.
  She is not yet aware I have her  toy.  However,  what she doesn't know won't hurt her.  I did get annoyed at my brother, William, who insisted on taking the chicken's label off.   He should know better.  My daddy was a toy collector, and he always left the toys he bought in their original boxes.  I am also a toy collector, and want toys that are played with-peeing on one adds substantially to its value.  However,  I like for it to have its original tag.  I guess William must have not been listening to daddy.  I always listened to daddy.  He was a genius who told humom to feed me human food.  I really have missed him since he died 9 years ago.

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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Movie Review: Everything Must Go

Normally, Iook forward to seeing Will Ferrell I
n movies.  I enjoy comedy, and he has played some very funny roles. Therefore, I was anxious to see the movie, Everything Must Go.  This movie is about an alcoholic who has lost his job, and his wife has left him. This is how the movie begins and the audience is able to watch how he responds to these events.  The movie isn't funny or inspirational.  However, if you want to watch a movie that is depressing, this is a must see movie.

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Friday, February 12, 2016

No Hot Dogs for Me

I have placed my dinner order, and tonight I will be eating bacon pizza from Hungry Howies. Humom has ordered it already
  I got a bit concerned when she offered me a hot dog earlier today.   Imagine my annoyance until I realized its as just a snack.  Angel will eat them, but I don't.  I prefer bacon. chicken, and steak.  Other dogs can eat hot dogs.

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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Let it Snow

I woke up this afternoon with a strong hankering for a bacon double cheeseburger
  There is a restaurant, Georges, that my humans can walk to.  I jumped up from the bed to give humom my food order.  George serves such good burgers that Angel and I will eat the buns.  I looked out the window and everything was covered in snow.  Yes, it was shaping up to be a lovely day.

Imagine my disappointment when humom said that we are going to eat at home today.  Evidently,  my human brother, William,  does not want to go out in the snow and cold

I volunteered  to go there.  She doesn't want me to cross the main highway.  I can't believe what wusses the humans are.  It isn't fair that I won't get my double bacon cheeseburger.
They should want to go outsid to enjoy the snow!)

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Puppy Bowl.16

I must apologize for not reminding my readers that the annual PuppyBowl was held yesterday.  I did not realize it was superbowl time because my humom hates football, and it is her job as  my secretary to remind me of important events.  She.doesn't consider football to be  important,  but she.LOVES puppies.  Who does not love puppies? .Check Animal Planetto see when it shows on reruns.  When I read that the referee would be a skunk I was afraid it would be too stinky for the little puppies, but they were very professional pups

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Saturday, February 6, 2016

My opinion on Gun.Control

You may be.wondering where I stand on the presidential issues.  I haven't been writing about presidential stuff, but have you seen the humans that are running for office?  Also, I don't like to talk about problems unless. I have a solution.
 I'm sure many of my.readers have seen on the news many senseless shootings.  It includes
school children, shoppers, and even the occasional dog!  Innocent victims of senseless violence!  The people who advocate gun control are on opposite sides of the fence.  There's are humans who don't think anyone should own a gun.  There are other humans that think everyone should  have guns with them at all times for defense. My solution to this problem would be to put a panel of dogs in charge of gun ownership.  Dogs can smell a bad human a mile away.   For those humans who don't have a dog, you know who you are.

In that situation, a dog can stay with that person for a week to decide if the humans should own a gun.

Finally, dogs will.have careers th
at take advantage of one of their talents.

  The humans can't smell whether people are good or bad.  Maybe the humans need a bigger nose!

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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

A Star has Fallen

Life has its happy moments and sad moments.  I learned yesterday that Uggie, the star of the movie,  The Artist, died last August.  I can't understand why Uggie's death wasn't better covered by the media.  The dog won an Oscar as best actor in 2011.  Uggie was  a small Jack russell terrier who stole the show.  Humom said that if the movie had only humans, it would have been horrible and I concur with her opinion.  The human actor who was Uggie's support  actor could not even talk.   Uggie was the first dog to have his paw prints in front of Graumans Chinese Theater.   That is an honor that even Lassie didn't accomplish.

Uiggie was 13 years old and the cause death was a prostrate tumor.  Uggie will be missed.  I am including a link in this blog that includes the information on the book Uggie wrote.  I plan to buy a copy and read it myself.
I think Uggie crossed the bridge and will continue starring in movies on the other side

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