Sunday, February 21, 2016


At the risk of sounding paranoid; I must remind you that if it is actually happening, it is reality.  I am a big, strong he dog, and I don't scare easily unlike Angel Zoom Smokey.  She is a regular scaredy cat.  If the light goes off for 30 seconds, she is looking for a place to hide.  Why do I think I am being harassed?   I don't think it- I know it.  My internet service was out most of  the day yesterday so I could not write my blog.  That, in itself, could be a coincidence.  However, I started writing 2 blogs today, and both disappeared into cyberspace before I could publish either of them. Today's blog loss proves that my political rivals are trying to sabotage my campaign.  Of course, I am sure the birds are in on it because they know this dog will do everything possible to stop their plans for world conquest.  I knew when I shared the truth about Trump's squirrel hair, that he would join the birds in attacking me.  As your president, I will be honest in all my endeavors.  I will continue to talk about Trump'ssquorrel head.  Perhaps his hair will enter squirrel reba b

Demon Flash Bandit (Vote forMe)


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