Saturday, February 6, 2016

My opinion on Gun.Control

You may be.wondering where I stand on the presidential issues.  I haven't been writing about presidential stuff, but have you seen the humans that are running for office?  Also, I don't like to talk about problems unless. I have a solution.
 I'm sure many of my.readers have seen on the news many senseless shootings.  It includes
school children, shoppers, and even the occasional dog!  Innocent victims of senseless violence!  The people who advocate gun control are on opposite sides of the fence.  There's are humans who don't think anyone should own a gun.  There are other humans that think everyone should  have guns with them at all times for defense. My solution to this problem would be to put a panel of dogs in charge of gun ownership.  Dogs can smell a bad human a mile away.   For those humans who don't have a dog, you know who you are.

In that situation, a dog can stay with that person for a week to decide if the humans should own a gun.

Finally, dogs will.have careers th
at take advantage of one of their talents.

  The humans can't smell whether people are good or bad.  Maybe the humans need a bigger nose!

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