Sunday, February 28, 2016

I.Will Make Guest Appearances

I have some super exciting news.  Humom got a call from the doctor's office Friday with the results of her blood tests.  She has an appointment with the nephrologist (kidney Dr.) next month.
Her kidneys are worse, and she will.probably start dialysis soon.  Her kidneys used to work at 25% efficiency, and now they are working at 10%.  I realize that isn't good news, but she says she will have some wasted time so she plans to start a blog. She will write it herself so it will be from a human's point of view.  I think it will be a refreshing change on the Internet to read a blog that is actually written by a human instead of a dog..  I have my doubts that humans can read it, but perhaps they have or know a dog who can read it to them. It will probably be a video blog so Angel and I can make occasional appearances on mom's show. Humom is old and not pretty so we will be the "eye candy  " on her show.  If I were humom, I wouldn't write the blog. I would use the time for sleeping.   However, the humans like to feel useful.  That is probably why so many of them have jobs.  There's a nasty rumor that Siberian Huskies are a working breed, but that rumor is erroneous.  We are lap dogs!

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