Friday, February 19, 2016

Demon Flash Bandit for President

I know my readers are interested in my view of my opponents in the next presidential election.  Today, I am going to discuss one of the Repblican candidates:  Donald Duck,
oh yeah, Trump.  I am not convinced  that a bird would be a better leader than a human, but a lead dog is obviously the best choice.

He says it his real hair, but I say if it is real (and I have my doubts), he is suffering from a severe case of squirrel head.    I'm sure that everyone agrees that hair is one of the most  important qualities that we look for in a presidential candidate.    Do we want a president who runs in front of cars or collects acorns instead of running the country?  I think not!!   Nut growers could bribe him with pecans and cashews.  The territor Don breed   representatives are very worried about the whole squirrel thing.  I bet Trump doesn't have a pet dog so who would help him make the big decisions?  The Secretary of State would be replaced with a squirrel groomer.

My fur is gorgeous and I am wearing my  real tail--.not a squirrel tail!  A vote for me is a vote for a handsome president who would look good on television.

Demon Flash Bandit ( I Approve of this Blog)