Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Problems of a Dog Who is also a Doctor

My humom had an appointment with the doctor Monday.   It was just a routine checkup.  I had planned to go with her since I am her attending doctor at home.  Humom told me I wasn't allowed to accompany her because she
was using public transportation.  She isn't able to drive at present.  She said they don't allow dogs on the bus unless they are service dogs.  What is the world coming to when a doctor faces such discrimination just because of his species?  Nurse Angel Fussy Wussy Butt is prohibited also.  This means that if I get sick, someone else would have to take me to my veterinarian. If a bus won't allow me to ride, you know an ambulance is also only for humans.  Whitley, if you read this, I need your help.  Whitley is my friend of the dog persuasion who graduated from Harvard.  It is time for dogs to stand in solidarity against such discrimination.  I have got to go now.  Humom is handing out milkbones and I need to get my share.

Demon Flash Bandit (Victim of Discrimination)


  1. I are thinkin of startin a class ackshun lawsuit bout dis - my momma had to go to da doctor today too (nuffin serious, just an annual exam), and I didn't get to go cuz I am a DOG! So yeah, I's gonna sue for discriminayshuns, and you're definitely welcome to be a part of da lawsuit. I'll bark em so much dey'll have to give us a BIG settlement.

  2. A class action lAwsuit is a great idea. I hope we are suing for bacon!