Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Valentine's Day

I hope my readers had a wonderful Valentine's Day. The chicken in the photo was my gift from the humans along with a bacon double cheeseburger from Georges Coney Island.  Of course, Angel received the same gifts as I.  The chicken has advanced squeaky technology which means it makes more than one noise.  In the old days, dogs had to make do with one squeaky noise.  Thankfully, scientific dogs working in their labs (some of them were labs) realized that dog toys could be improved.  I wonder what they will invent next
  Perhaps edible squeaky toys?  Obviously, I had a nice holiday.  My Valentine, Angel Zoom Smokey lives here with me and I offered to give her puppies that would be absolutely adorable, but as usual, she did not cooperate
  She tells me if she has puppies, she can't be the puppy.  Personally, I find myself irresistible so I don't know how she can leave me alone.  Sometimes I stand in front of a mirror just to admire myself.

Since Angel never seems very interested in toys, I took her toy.
  She is not yet aware I have her  toy.  However,  what she doesn't know won't hurt her.  I did get annoyed at my brother, William, who insisted on taking the chicken's label off.   He should know better.  My daddy was a toy collector, and he always left the toys he bought in their original boxes.  I am also a toy collector, and want toys that are played with-peeing on one adds substantially to its value.  However,  I like for it to have its original tag.  I guess William must have not been listening to daddy.  I always listened to daddy.  He was a genius who told humom to feed me human food.  I really have missed him since he died 9 years ago.

Demon Flash Bandit (Toy Collector)

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