Wednesday, February 3, 2016

A Star has Fallen

Life has its happy moments and sad moments.  I learned yesterday that Uggie, the star of the movie,  The Artist, died last August.  I can't understand why Uggie's death wasn't better covered by the media.  The dog won an Oscar as best actor in 2011.  Uggie was  a small Jack russell terrier who stole the show.  Humom said that if the movie had only humans, it would have been horrible and I concur with her opinion.  The human actor who was Uggie's support  actor could not even talk.   Uggie was the first dog to have his paw prints in front of Graumans Chinese Theater.   That is an honor that even Lassie didn't accomplish.

Uiggie was 13 years old and the cause death was a prostrate tumor.  Uggie will be missed.  I am including a link in this blog that includes the information on the book Uggie wrote.  I plan to buy a copy and read it myself.
I think Uggie crossed the bridge and will continue starring in movies on the other side

Demon Flash Bandit (Sad Dog)

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