Saturday, January 30, 2016


Is it a bird falling?  Is it a plane crashing?  It is a bird that has received a direct hit from my anti-bird flamethrower.  I might add that I wIll be including a review of weapons in my next book.  It is soon to be released.  "How to protect yourself from birds".   Please join me so that we can rid this beautiful planet of birds
 I do not recommend any products from Acme Is Us.   Their prices are cheap. but their merchandise isn't made well.  I won't mention the name, but I have a coyote friend who chases a bird.   I'll call him William Coyote.  William continues to buy Acme products because coyotes are cheap. Our cousins the wolves,l
 Coyotes, and foxes, are not as smart as us dogs.  Most of us Dogs share the house with our humans, and we are allowed to get on the comfortable furniture.  When I chase birds, it is a hobby and a public services.    I don't need to eat them

Demon Flash Bandit (Dog.With a Hobby)


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