Monday, January 18, 2016

When a Tree Falls, Does a Dog Notice?

This is a public service blog from your friend,  Demon Flash Bandit.  This is a breaking news story that I witnessed first-paw.  Therefore this story will make me as famous as  Leonard Labrador and Beagle Bernstein, also known as Deep Bark.  They are the songwriting duo who wrote Captain Kangaroo's theme song and Underdog's classic line. " have no fear, Undetdog is here.

The event was when our Christmas tree attacked Angel Zoom Smokey.  It wasn't a real tree  because real trees appreciate a dog's attention and constant watering.  I'm glad the tree is no longer up, but it will be brought out again next year.  Will it be worse?  There is no excuse for the tree's horrible behavior.  Angel was  sniffing under the tree in case it started growing food. It did not hurt her this time,  but she will be in therapy for years due to the trauma.

I don't know what the humans are going to do about the situation.  They haven't solved the killer tomato.problem yet

Demon Flash Bandit (Serious Journalist)

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