Saturday, January 2, 2016

Great Party and Good Luck

My year has started out well.  My humans ordered Chinese food for everyone in our family.  Yes, that included Angel and me. Both of us love almond chicken.  This is not the traditional New Year's Day dinner that my humom's mother used to make. My grand humom would not serve chicken on the first day of the year.  The meal is supposed to be lucky, and eating chicken means you will be scratching for a living all of the following year
   Pork is supposed to be eaten so that you can "live high off the hog".  Black eyed peas are also on the lucky meal menu as are turnip and/ or collard greens.  This meal is accompanied by cornbread.  Many southerners continue to eat this food every New Year's Day.  Some of my readers might wonder why my humom has the bravery to risk the year 's happiness by ignoring tradition.  She has a different viewpoint.
 She says if you have to cook dinner yourself, it a bad way to start out the year.  However, eating at a restaurant is indicative of a good year.  Angel and I don't want to risk a year of bad luck so we ate ham, pork chops, and bacon.  We had a lot of meat left leftover from my big new years eve party.  The party had a record setting number of dogs attending.  I hope all the dogs enjoyed it I did.  I want to thank  "The Travelling Chihuahuas" for entertaining the crowd.  I hope to see all of you at my next party!

Demon Flash Bandit ( Lucky Host)



  1. You're lucky ya got Chinese food. When my momma eats Chinese food and I beg for some, she just tells me I'm lucky I'm not Chinese food. Yeah, I lives wif a real comedian.

  2. Demon here: Whitley, your mom knows what she is talking about. Dogs are often on the menu in China.