Saturday, September 26, 2015

Why Have Laundry Rooms?

In past blogs, I have written about the most useless room in a house-the bathroom.  My loyal readers already know-how I hate baths.  It has occurred to me that there is another room that exists in most houses that is equally useless--the laundry room.  Yes, most of the humans have a special room in which to do laundry,  I have never understood why humans like clothing.  The humans had to get a stunt dog for Angel and me because both of us refuse to put on silly clothes. We are NOT models.  If wearing clothing and taking baths isn't stupid enough, the humans have to wash and dry their clothing.  Therefore, they dedicate an entire room for that purpose.  There is both a washing machine and a dryer in the laundry room-both of them just to clean clothing.  The space wasted on that room and those machines can be better spent by turning it into a dog's playroom.  A room where a dog can  peacefully chew a bone.  That would make  a great addition to any house.  The only good thing about the laundry room here is that the humans do put some treats for us in there.  I would make it a treat room if I were a human!

Demon Flash Bandit (Why Clean Clothes?)


Wednesday, September 23, 2015

New Salon Barbie

Do any of my canine readers have humans who have discovered Salon Pas? (I assume pas is a misspelling of paws.)  Salon Pas are small self adhesive strips that help alleviate pain in a specific area.  Since Mommy has a lot of pain, she buys them by the truck load.  In fact, I often wonder if Amazon would survive without my humans.  However, I am happy they carry dog treats so I like Amazon.

Mattel must have a lot in common with Mom because the company has just announced the new "Salon Pas" Barbie
  She will have special accessory packs with items she will need.  She can buy more Barbie size Salon Pas, Ace bandages,  regular bandages, and a heating pad.  You can buy a hospital bed and a wheelchair for her dream home.  Yeah, those items have been delivered to our home.  We don't like the new bed.  Angel got up on it, and her paw accidentally touched the "remote".  I have never seen Angel move so fast in her entire life.  There is the Vicodin accessory pack that also has several prescription pads for the Barbies who need pain medication whose stupid selfish doctors are hoarding it all for themselves.  One IV package comes with a tequila drip.  Of course, you can also buy flowers and candy to lift her spirits.  Mattel is even making Pharmacist Ken.  She met him while trying to get a forged prescription filled.  It at first sight for both of them.  In fact, their gift registry is at the pharmacy where Ken works.  Barbie's gown will be made of Salon Pas.

For those of you who are wondering what caused her problems, what do you expect from a young person who has no parents to guide her, and a sports car that you know she is driving to fast-and texting her friends.  For any children reading this, be grateful you have parents who care about you.  We canines appreciate our humans!

Demon Flash Bandit (Doctor Demon)

Sunday, September 20, 2015

I am a Hero

Sometimes the humans need a hero.  Occasionally  that hero is a 55 pound Siberian husky with blue eyes.  Yes, I am a hero!  Yesterday I was doing my usual business in the yard, and I found a mouse trying to.infiltrate MY house.  I know that dogs reading this will admire my handling of the situation.  I killed the  rodent!  He is one rodent thAt will never invade a dog's territory again You are most welcome for my feat of heroism
  If only it could have been a bird!

Demon Flash Bandit  (Hero)

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Mommy is Home!

Good news!!!!!!  Mommy is home after over a month in the hospital and nursing home.  Angel Zoom Smokey  and myself were so glad to see her.  When my humans return home after a regular absence, we are happy to have them return.  Usually I let Angel get her kisses out.of the way and then I give kisses, but Mommy had.been.gone for so long that I couldn't wait.  Angel and I were both kissing Mommy at the same time.  She was equally happy to see us!  I am pleased to announce that my is better.  Even if she does have to use a chair with wheels to get around.

Mommy wants me to thank Coco Rose, Puffy, and their humom, Marilyn; for the pretty get well card.  Coco Rose had come back from the bridge to pick it out. She can't leave important decisions like that to the new puppy. She said to tell my readers that she is very happy there, but misses her many, many pals- particularly her humom, Marilyn!

Thanks for all the prayers and power of the paws.  I know they helped me get humom back!

Demon Flash Bandit (Thankful Dog)

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Television Show Review: The Golden Retrievers

Today I am reviewing an old television show that is shown on reruns a lot.   I'm sure that most of my readers are familiar with the show, but I am going to review it anyway.  The show is The Golden Retrievers.

This is the heart warming story of 4 older (senior citizen) dogs who were spending their golden years (aren't all a retrievers years golden?) living together in Miami, Florida. All are female dogs.  One of the dogs is older than the rest.  Her name is Spotfia. She is Dotfia's mother.  Dotifa is the smartest of the 4.  Rosey was originally from Minnesota, and she does a lot of silly barking.
  If Rosey had been a Siberian husky like me, she would have never left Minnesota!  The last bitch was named Branch.  Her parents chose the name because they were wealthy, and had a large stick collection. All of the dog's had grown up puppies who made occasional appearances on the show.

All the shows are about the daily lives of the 4 dogs.  During the day, they went their separate ways, but at home, together they played ball with each other, chased squirrels,  and chewed on bones and sticks.  There was always time for eating treats around the kitchen table which was the best part of the day!  I recommend this show.

Demon Flash Bandit (TV Critic)


Monday, September 7, 2015

Sewing With Demon Flash Bandit

Welcome to the "Sewing With Demon Flash Bandit"  show.  Today we are going to make a straight jacket for Angel Zoom.Smokey.  It is a special gift that  she deserves for taking a bone meant for me.  I want to point out that, despite her thievery, this dog is willing to make her a gift!  I am such a good dog.  Do any of my readers have another dog "sharing" their bones too? .Be sure and watch the show.  You'll be glad you did!

Demon Flash Bandit (Dog 'Tail'or)  Dogs are born tailors thanks to our tails.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Helping Mom.Save Money

Thanks for the comments.  Angel and I have our paws crossed that my nonfur brothers will listen.Meanwhile, I have. been moving food from the black Glad treasure bag while Mom is gone.  Since my brothers aren't taking us to see Mommy, how can I depend on them to feed us?   My brothers have been throwing away perfectly good food.  When Mommy gets home, I'm going to tell Mommy so she can save money.  Mommy prefers to.spend her extra money on bacon for Angel and me.  I know Mommy will appreciate my vigilance on this matter.  I am such a good dog!

Demon Flash Bandit (Good Boy)

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Take Us to see Mommy

Hello to my readers!  I am happy to report that my brothers tell mommy is okay. It has been almost a month since the car that makes noise took.her to the hospital/nursing place.  I don' that car.  It took Daddy away and he never came home so I don't like the ambulances.    Mommy said they are good; but when it takes one of my humans, this dog holds a grudge!  If the Grim Reaper comes to my house, I will bite him on the butt.until he leaves the planet.  Anyway, Mommy should be able to return to us soon.
  However, Angel.and I think it is taking too.long
  The place does allow visits from.dogs.  So far my lazy nonfur brothers haven't taken either of us.  My brothers think we might become difficult because we are strong dogs and we get stubborn. Just because we think when walkies are for us that we should be in charge of where we go.  If the walks are for us, we should be in charge.  Be sure and leave feedback telling my brothers to take is to see Mommy.  She needs to see us!  We miss her and want to see her NOW!

Demon Flash Bandit)