Thursday, September 3, 2015

Take Us to see Mommy

Hello to my readers!  I am happy to report that my brothers tell mommy is okay. It has been almost a month since the car that makes noise took.her to the hospital/nursing place.  I don' that car.  It took Daddy away and he never came home so I don't like the ambulances.    Mommy said they are good; but when it takes one of my humans, this dog holds a grudge!  If the Grim Reaper comes to my house, I will bite him on the butt.until he leaves the planet.  Anyway, Mommy should be able to return to us soon.
  However, Angel.and I think it is taking too.long
  The place does allow visits from.dogs.  So far my lazy nonfur brothers haven't taken either of us.  My brothers think we might become difficult because we are strong dogs and we get stubborn. Just because we think when walkies are for us that we should be in charge of where we go.  If the walks are for us, we should be in charge.  Be sure and leave feedback telling my brothers to take is to see Mommy.  She needs to see us!  We miss her and want to see her NOW!

Demon Flash Bandit)


  1. Hey yu NonFurBros! The Big Dog an' Angel Need to see the Mommy! STAT!
    Yu take them Now!
    Big Dog! Howz 'bout yu snatch the car keys an drive yu an Angel to the getbetter place where yur Mommy is? An' swing by the magic winnow place fur a sack o' burgers while yu are out an about!

    Keep on gettin ' better wishes comin frum my place to yurs!

  2. Oooh, oooh, get some shakes with that order! She would love that too.

  3. Where is Zaidie when he is needed? It would be easy to have him zoom over with his Lear Jet and take both you and Angel to see momma. If Coco and Puffy were still here, both of them could drive you to where momma is. I don't know how to drive yet but I could try...Are you game? Do you have medical insurance? Are you willing to sign a waver stating that no one in your family and even the cousins that you have never met, won't sue me, should we have an accident? If you answered "YES" to all of those, I'll hop into Coco's car and try to drive to where you are at - Okay?

    By the way, WHERE ARE YOU AT? I'm sure I can drive right down our driveway, but not certain I can make it further than that.

    Maybe the best thing is for your non-furbrothers is to take you to see momma NOW. Hoping momma is home soon and feeling much better.

  4. Sheesh! You should take your beds along and have a sleepovfur! That would cheer your Mommy up a whole lot! Then you wouldn't have to worry about how she is, and she can pet you to her hearts desire when she isn't in therapy to get stronger.
    Hey, wait a minute...she can let you go to the PT with her, you can learn what she has to do and them you can get her home and make sure she does all the exercises. The staff in the getting healthy building can cook lots of bacon to keep you energized and they will take you outdoors too fur the fresh air, and your Mommy can get some fresh air too:)
    Pawrfecto plan, right?? If you get a hard time tell them you need some PT/OT fur your ouchie paw, remember when that happened??

    Get well soon! That is what I say toy our Mommy and your unfurs better take you there soon, too...else maybe I might something...

    I do not like those noisy cars either...they make me howl, BOL!

  5. Glad to her Mom is doing well, sending her big luffs and hugs
    Be patient fur a little longer and she'll be back home wiv you, although a sleepover wiv her is a grand idea!!!!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx