Saturday, August 29, 2015

I Miss my Mommy

My humom has been in the hospital and is now in  a nursing facility for further physical therapy.  We want to thank all.those who have prayed for her and sent power of the paws.  Angel and I miss her, but we promised.her to watch out for our 2 human brothers.  I'm sure I don't have to.explain this to the dogs reading this
 Humans are helpless on their own.

Mom is feeling better.   We barked on the phone before I wrote this so I could share the latest news.  I'm sorry I haven't written updates until now. I was too.worried about write my blog. She may not be home for a month or two which does not make me happy, but I am glad she is better.  I do not want her to cross over the bridge. It was hard enough when my human dad crossed over.  By the way,she is getting excellent care.  She said that a  bunch of dogs visit  everyday and  one Dr.even  does his rounds with his dog!

She has been watching the trilogy  of the Lord of the Rings today.
  She has been watching it for 15 hours so there is only about 10 hours to go.

Please continue to pray for humom. I.miss her and want her back with me
  I know she misses me too!

Demon Flash Bandit (Missing Mom)



  1. We know all of you are missing mom. She will continue to be in our prayers. Try not to worry, she needs you to be positive for her. Hugs DFB!

  2. Oh, Big Dog! It must be turrible to not have yur Mommy at home with yu where she belongs. She misses yu an Angel an the 2 unfur bros too.
    It's too bad yu couldn't sneaky in for a visit but yu probly wudn't fit unner sumones coat.
    Thanks fur lettin us know how she is doin, we are concerned too.
    Hugs to all an prayers fur Real Quick healin!

  3. Sendin lotsa prayers, POTP, and westie kissies.

  4. OMD!! Wow, Sending a ton of pawyers fur your Mommy.

    Hey peeps bring their pups and even some kitties to visit where growlmy works, so why couldn't you go and see your Mommy??

    Anypaws, I hope you soon will be reunited at your den. Meanwhile you and Angel will take great care of your unfurbros.

  5. How is your mom doing Demon? She is in our thoughts and prayers.