Saturday, September 5, 2015

Helping Mom.Save Money

Thanks for the comments.  Angel and I have our paws crossed that my nonfur brothers will listen.Meanwhile, I have. been moving food from the black Glad treasure bag while Mom is gone.  Since my brothers aren't taking us to see Mommy, how can I depend on them to feed us?   My brothers have been throwing away perfectly good food.  When Mommy gets home, I'm going to tell Mommy so she can save money.  Mommy prefers to.spend her extra money on bacon for Angel and me.  I know Mommy will appreciate my vigilance on this matter.  I am such a good dog!

Demon Flash Bandit (Good Boy)


  1. Throwin away perfectly good fud?!?! ARGH!!! Those guys! It's a good thing yu are 'round to keep things frum goin frum bad to wurser.
    Yu are a Good Dog, Big Dog!

  2. Its going to be so deliciously ripe when your Mommy gets home...She will thank you profusely!!