Saturday, September 26, 2015

Why Have Laundry Rooms?

In past blogs, I have written about the most useless room in a house-the bathroom.  My loyal readers already know-how I hate baths.  It has occurred to me that there is another room that exists in most houses that is equally useless--the laundry room.  Yes, most of the humans have a special room in which to do laundry,  I have never understood why humans like clothing.  The humans had to get a stunt dog for Angel and me because both of us refuse to put on silly clothes. We are NOT models.  If wearing clothing and taking baths isn't stupid enough, the humans have to wash and dry their clothing.  Therefore, they dedicate an entire room for that purpose.  There is both a washing machine and a dryer in the laundry room-both of them just to clean clothing.  The space wasted on that room and those machines can be better spent by turning it into a dog's playroom.  A room where a dog can  peacefully chew a bone.  That would make  a great addition to any house.  The only good thing about the laundry room here is that the humans do put some treats for us in there.  I would make it a treat room if I were a human!

Demon Flash Bandit (Why Clean Clothes?)


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  1. Maybe that is why in our den the washing machine and dryer are in the kitchen. All other rooms are purposed fur other more noble uses.....well, except maybe that room with the big white swimming pool.....