Thursday, October 1, 2015

Sharing Ancient' Egyptian Dog's Diary

I have long held an interest in history.  I was at a local garage sale recently.which is where I find my ancient.artifacts.  I really got lucky at that one.  I found an ancient dog diary from an ancient dog.  My find was written by an ancient Egyptian dog named Gahiji.  Gahiji admits that the humans then treated cats too well.  The humans back then treated.their.dogs well and were often buried with them when both  died.  Gahiji's human was named Habibah.  Habibah's family tried to.get him to go to.scribe school, but Habibah hated school so he became a pyramid builder.  Gahiji.loved Habibah  but was always worried that he would lose his job.  Habibah liked to write "the Pharaoh needs to get a life", "this pyramid was not built by extraterrestrials" next to.a drawing of one, and "Don't re-elect the Pharaoh".  Gahiji.had heard rumor that the Pharaoh didn't have a sense of humor

Here is one of his entries:

Hot Day in Egypt.   2976 BC
It is  Hot day here in Egypt. My human (Habibah) is at work.building pyramids.  I plan to spend my day on one of.the Nile's many beaches.  Being a dog is a great life!
Gahiji (Ancient Dog)
Demon Flash Bandit.(Professor Demon)

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