Saturday, October 24, 2015

Dog Hats are Stupid

Mom has done it again.  An Amazon package arrived today
 Humom.ordered me some.yogurt drops but imagine my anger when.  She showed me the "cute" cheeseburger hat she ordered for me.  I'll admit I got excited.when I saw it in the box.  I was hoping Burger King had started a delivery service which I have advocated for the burger chain since I sampled my first hamburger as a puppy.  However, my initial surprise was overcome by the realization.that my nose was not.smelling the delicious aroma of hamburgers.   That is when I grabbed the hat only to discover that it was made of fabric, and was not real!  My friend and blogger, Whitley, is from Texas; and Whitley left me a comment on my blog about the new cowboy hats humom got us.  Whitley said cows eventually become hamburgers, but I prefer my cows on the grill.  A.cow on the grill has never walked away.

Demon.Flash Bandit (Burger King Should Deliver)



  1. Dat are why cowboys got rope - so da cows don't walk away!

  2. Growlmy saw some of those burger hats...and said...Hmmm...then an image of me popped into her brains, thankfurly and she walked away...good thing...