Wednesday, October 21, 2015

I'm not a Cowdog

I have a horrible announcement to make. As if ordering Angel and me Ghostbuster and
 StaPuff man costumes for Halloween isn't bad enough, we got another package from Amazon today.  I'll admit, I was glad she ordered us some yogurt drop treats. She should have stopped when she ordered the.treats, but humom is not smart.  She also ordered Angel a pink cowgirl hat with a decorative tiara. She ordered me a brown cowboy hat.   My humom And my nonfur brothers think the hats are adorable which makes Angel and myself even madder.  We have no interest in looking silly for the human's amusement.  Seriously, how can we be cowhands when we have never even seen a cow?  I've got to.go now.  I see some clean  clothes that will smell better when I pee onotthem. Yes, I am adorable!

Demon Flash Bandit.(Not a Cowdog)

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