Wednesday, September 23, 2015

New Salon Barbie

Do any of my canine readers have humans who have discovered Salon Pas? (I assume pas is a misspelling of paws.)  Salon Pas are small self adhesive strips that help alleviate pain in a specific area.  Since Mommy has a lot of pain, she buys them by the truck load.  In fact, I often wonder if Amazon would survive without my humans.  However, I am happy they carry dog treats so I like Amazon.

Mattel must have a lot in common with Mom because the company has just announced the new "Salon Pas" Barbie
  She will have special accessory packs with items she will need.  She can buy more Barbie size Salon Pas, Ace bandages,  regular bandages, and a heating pad.  You can buy a hospital bed and a wheelchair for her dream home.  Yeah, those items have been delivered to our home.  We don't like the new bed.  Angel got up on it, and her paw accidentally touched the "remote".  I have never seen Angel move so fast in her entire life.  There is the Vicodin accessory pack that also has several prescription pads for the Barbies who need pain medication whose stupid selfish doctors are hoarding it all for themselves.  One IV package comes with a tequila drip.  Of course, you can also buy flowers and candy to lift her spirits.  Mattel is even making Pharmacist Ken.  She met him while trying to get a forged prescription filled.  It at first sight for both of them.  In fact, their gift registry is at the pharmacy where Ken works.  Barbie's gown will be made of Salon Pas.

For those of you who are wondering what caused her problems, what do you expect from a young person who has no parents to guide her, and a sports car that you know she is driving to fast-and texting her friends.  For any children reading this, be grateful you have parents who care about you.  We canines appreciate our humans!

Demon Flash Bandit (Doctor Demon)

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  1. I love your perspective on things, DFB!!

    Sending good wishes to you , Angel, your unfur-bros and your Mommy, too. May she heal up and feel better.