Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sometimes A Dog NEEDS A Gun

For those of you who haven't read all of my past entries, Mommy cleaned out Daddy's closet, and she left the floor absolutely clear of stuff. This is when I claimed it for myself. Mommy bought a doggy bed for the closet so that, when I want to go in there, I will have a soft, comfortable place to lay. Of course, since it had been about a week, the humans had to clean it out again. They are still amazed at the things I have carried to my "den". I had my Platoon action figure (in its original packaging--I'm not a hoarder, I'm a "collector"). I could live with them getting some of the toys out of there, but they found my more important stash. I had put a nice pair of "camo" binoculars in the closet. I don't know why the humans don't see why I need them. Someone around here has to keep an eye on those evil birds, and I know the humans are never going to do it. They don't even understand the threat that birds are to all of the rest of us. I also like to watch the dogs come and go from the veterinarian's office across the street. I used to go to that vet, but one day one of the humans there said she didn't like huskies, and Mommy thought it was time to switch vets. I've been watching the office ever since. Did they put the binoculars back even though I clearly need them? No, they did not put them back. They were even more amazed by the next item they found. They found my gun that I had put in the closet. It is Daddy's old bb gun )pistol size). What am I supposed to shoot those evil bird varmints with if I don't have a gun? I was a bit upset since Mommy and my brothers said it didn't work anyway. What kind of human doesn't give a dog a working gun? If you go to shoot a bird, and the gun doesn't work, I can guarantee that the little annoying bird will drop a bomb on you. My humans are still trying to figure out how I got the gun and how I managed to get it and binoculars into my new spot. Daddy helped me. Sometimes it is handy to have a human you love on the other side....they can do things without being seen, and that is good for a dog. No, they haven't returned the gun either! Demon Flash Bandit (Sure Shootin Demon Flash Bandit)

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