Friday, October 11, 2013

Hoarder or Collector?

Mommy cleaned out one of the closets in my bedroom. I say it is my bedroom because I am kind enough to allow Mommy to sleep in there too. That is why I'm such a good dog! Anyway, Mommy left absolutely nothing on the floor of the closet. I have laid claim to the closet now, and I am slowly amassing an entire collection of stuff in that closet. I have many things a dog needs to be secure--a Barbie doll (still in its original packaging), a General Zod figure from the Superman movie (also still in its original packaging), and one of Mommy's new shoes (in case I decide to dress as a clown). I caught Angel Zoom Smokey entering my closet last night so I am going to need to hook up a surveillance system and a burglar alarm to protect my stuff. I have already thought of a complicated, hard to break password for the system--1,2,3,4-sounds like a hard one to break. Look at my watch for a minute. you are getting sleepy, and you don't want to remember that number! Demon Flash Bandit (Hoarder or Collector?)

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