Monday, October 14, 2013

Humans Fratnerizing With The Enemy

Yesterday when my humans stopped at Kroger for a couple of minutes, there was a man on the parking lot hosting a human/bird public relations seminar. The bird, was the man's PET (like birds can be pets) and he was holing the bird so that humans could approach and make friends with the bird! My brother, William had to go and pet the cockatoo, and he returned to me saying that the bird was soft and he would like to have one as a pet. Yeah, it takes so little to fool the stupid humans! I've been speaking out against birds all my life only to have my own human brother start getting "friendly" with the enemy. I cannot stress this enough: birds are evil. We dogs aren't naïve enough to think that the bird who drops that "bird bomb" on your head did it accidentally. You know the bird was planning it for days. I speak fluent bird, and all they do is sing about taking over the world. They think if they "sing" about it, the humans won't realize that they are planning world domination. Of course, they are probably right since humans are quite gullible. Demon Flash Bandit (Deciphering Bird Lingo)

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