Sunday, November 3, 2013

Movie Review: Captain Phillips Thanksgiving Trip

Today I am going to write a movie review of the movie, Captain Phillips. This movie stars Tom Hanks and it is about a ship and its captain who were aboard the first ship to be seized by pirates in 200 years. Actually, Mommy will be giving me the information in an interview since she went to see the movie, and I didn't. I'll probably go and see it soon, but the humans said I wouldn't be happy at the theatre that day since it was their annual "bring your cat to the theatre" day. I don't mind cats, but if you get a theatre full of them, it would be just too many cats for a dog to deal with. Therefore, I'll wait and probably do another movie review on Captain Phillips next week. Sometimes it is important for the humans to feel that they can do some things that their dogs can do. All us dogs know how difficult it is to find things the humans can do. Let's face it, for the most part, the humans are stupid, and untalented, but we dogs love them anyway. It is so cute when they say they love us!!! Here is the interview: DFB: Okay Mom, I do have the script for the movie, Captain Phillips in my paws so I will ask you some questions from the script so I can keep up with your review. DFB's Mom: Thank you Demon Flash Bandit-both for allowing me to do the movie review for you, and also for being my dog. (She starts singing: Thank you for being my dog which is a bit embarrassing, but also quite sweet). DFB: I'm going to start by letting you talk about the movie so just describe it for my readers. DFB's Mom: Okay Demon. The movie starts out with the turkeys, I mean the Captain, who happens to be a bit of a loner since his crew and himself do not think the same way. The movie takes place in mid-November, and a group of pirates in Somalia captured the ship so that they would have food for Thanksgiving dinner. There was a bunch of turkeys in the cargo hold, and there is no dinner pirates like more than turkey dinner on Thanksgiving. This is probably because pirates are such a polite, well pawed bunch. Captain Phillips shows them how you can enjoy more than just turkey at Thanksgiving because he ordered pizza and everyone LOVED it. Around this house, we always have the ultra traditional Thanksgiving pizza. I think it is nice that Captain Jack Sparrow was willing to play the part of the head pirate. As usual, his performance was Oscar worthy! DFB: Wait a minute, after looking through the script, I don't see any of this going on in the movie. Did you perchance go and see that movie I banned, Free Birds? Free Birds involved a bunch of stupid turkeys who travelled back in time to the first Thanksgiving to keep turkeys off the menu. I think those humans out in Hollywood have lost their minds to make a movie involving birds! Dogs don't want to see a movie about birds, and how do they expect to make money if they can't bring in the dog demographics? ............................................. DFB's Mom:(Demon continued on in a rant for about an hour about how horrible the movie Free Birds is, and how insane it was to make said movie. I will spare you most of the rant because it does get a little gory when he talks about what he would do with a bird before grilling it as a snack. Mom gives this movie a 9 out of 10. She said she enjoyed it immensely. Keep in mind, it might not be for Captain Phillips. I suspect she is reviewing Free Birds. Humans: a dog has to watch them every minute!!! Demon Flash Bandit (Movie Critic)

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