Friday, November 22, 2013

McDonalds: Great Employee Advice on the Web

With the holiday season fast approaching, I'm sure many of the humans could use some advice on how to spend less and not end up with debt to pay after the holidays are over. I am going to share a link with my readers from McDonalds on how their employees can have a debt free holiday. It is nice to see a company that cares about their employees to the point that they will actually go to the trouble of posting money saving tips on a website. I noticed that giving a Christmas bonus to loyal employees who have worked there all year or raising pay was not an option. I can understand the reasoning behind that. If you just give the employees more money, chances are they will waste it on silly things like food and heat for their homes--or even rent! It is scandalous the amount of money "poor people" throw away on things that are no fun at all! As a service to those "caring" companies, I am going to follow up with my Demon Flash Bandit advice on saving money for the holidays. Their advice was to eat stale bread instead of fresh bread. I think that is wasteful myself when there are perfectly good sandwiches complete with meat sitting in McDonalds dumpsters. Most McDonalds restaurants are probably serviced by waste companies that charge them for pickup so, in addition to providing employee food, the company saves money on garbage pickup which is a win-win-win situation for the company! Some of the dogs will read this and question whether they should be doing this from a health and safety standpoint. Sure, the employee "dumpster diving" might get hurt or eat some food that causes food poisoning, but that is the price you pay for keeping the wages low! Another simple solution would be for McDonalds to start paying their employees more. However, that would mean less profit for McDonalds, and then the upper management might be forced to eat stale bead, and that would be tragic!

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