Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Television Review: Underwear Bosses

Sometimes there are new reality shows that are offshoots of ones that are already on. I might add that sometimes the new shows are more entertaining than the original ones that they were taken from. One of my personal favorites is from the reality show, Undercover Bosses. I love the original show because it is very entertaining watching the CEO of a company do menial jobs that pay minimum wage. Although these jobs (judging from the amount of pay and the lack of respect the person doing them receives), are considered to be jobs that any "idiot" can do, the big bosses are often incapable of doing them. I'm not putting down the people who are in charge of large companies. They are the ones who make the "big decisions", perhaps that explains the many recessions that affect the humans, and ultimately, their dogs. I've never understood the humans way of looking at jobs anyway since if you ask the average dog if we would rather sit behind a desk or empty trash cans and clean bathrooms, I can tell you that sitting at a desk would not be what a dog enjoys doing on a job. But I digest.(Isn't it more interesting to digest than to digress?) The new show that I find so interesting is Underwear Bosses. This show is about bosses who, reminiscent of the ones on Undercover Bosses) aren't the brightest bosses in the boss pool. However, they are the ones who are smart enough that they didn't drown in the "boss pool". In the latest episode of Underwear Bosses, the CEO of a large retailer who I won't name--watch the show yourself--came to work in his underwear because he thought that Underwear Bosses were bosses that showed up in their underwear. Thank dog they made a program about it so all us dogs can enjoy their exploits! I give this show 4 paws up and some dingo bones which is a 10 out of 10 on the human television scale. Demon Flash Bandit (Watching Underwear Bosses)

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