Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Gator: Flying Business Class!

I think I speak for animals all over the world when I say that the humans do not always treat us fairly. For example, there was an alligator found at Chicago's O'Hare airport. The alligator was not allowed to board a plane. The airlines have a lot of silly rules about who can board an airplane. Pirates are also not allowed on board. Here is the link for the story! I think when the whole story gets out, and it will, it will leave a lot of the humans at the airlines looking silly. The gator who was trying to get on the plane had a business class ticket. That young gator works for John Deere, and he is the youngest gator to ever hold the position of head of the department that makes Gator utility vehicles. When a big business gator like that is treated so badly, it is truly a blessing to get over the airwaves. It makes sure that us gators will be taken more seriously in the future! Demon Flash Bandit (Gators are People Too)

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