Friday, November 29, 2013

The Humans Were Cleaning----and I Helped!

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. Mommy gave up her traditional Thanksgiving pizza dinner to go to a friend's house where she had a turkey dinner. Who ever heard of eating turkey on Thanksgiving? Another important point--aren't the humans are supposed to stay home with their dogs on Thanksgiving? After all, isn't it the dog that the humans should be most thankful for having around. Now onto the reason that I haven't written a blog recently. My secretary (the human who I own) has been busy with other things--like cleaning the house. I hate it when the humans decide to clean the house. It is a waste of time because it will get dirty again, and I happen to like it better in its "unclean" state. However to show just what a good sport I am, I decided to help with the cleaning. Did the humans appreciate my help? No, they did not!!! When I decide to carry stuff to the middle of the room so that the humans can go through it, they should realize that I know a lot more about cleaning then they do. Do I hear a "thank you". No, I did not. I heard, "Demon Flash Bandit", get out of the way" and "stop doing that". It is amazing we dogs will still help the ungrateful human! Demon Flash Bandit (Good Helper)

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