Saturday, November 16, 2013

Possible Turkey Shortage!

Butterball has announced that there may be a shortage of large fresh turkeys this Thanksgiving. Here is the link to the story: The problem stems from the fact that turkeys are not getting as big this year. The humans have no explanation for the loss of weight, but I suspect it is because the turkeys got to watch that new movie out this year, Free Birds. I think it is fundamentally wrong that Hollywood puts out such garbage making turkeys and other birds think they are okay when they are not-and never will be! Birds are evil and should not be tolerated by dogs or humans. I don't think blaming Hollywood is totally fair either. I never thought it was a wise idea for the humans to build a gym for the turkeys or to hire a personal trainer. However, humans are stupid so they never think these things out, but then they wonder why their turkeys are skinnier! If you happen to own a turkey farm, listen to the wisdom of Demon Flash Bandit: do not build a gym for them! Demon Flash Bandit (Discussing Skinnier Turkeys)

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