Monday, November 11, 2013

The Undercover Human Show!

We had snow here today! Angel Zoom Smokey and myself were very excited about the weather, but my humans do not seem to appreciate snow or ice. I have no idea what is wrong with them, but listing the humans faults would take too long and I've got better things to do so I won't bother. Mommy bought me a new bed about a week ago, and yesterday, she brought home one for Angel Zoom Smokey. Angel was so excited. She said if I had a bed, then she needed her own bed too. Since she usually sleeps in the "big bed" with Mommy, Mommy didn't think she would want the bed, but she said it made her feel good to have her own stuff. I can see her point. I do enjoy having my own bed even if I don't use it all the time. I saw a delightful story in the news today. On the television show, Undercover Bosses, Mike Bloom of Family Dollar got fired for incompetence in the job he was doing. He promoted the employee who fired him which was a wise move on his part. I've said it many times in my blog--the humans in charge do not always appreciate the work done by those who are "beneath" them. Some of those jobs may be harder than they look, but without those employees doing that work, they wouldn't be making any money! I've got to go now. I have signed up as an undercover human. Yes, I go into various homes disguised as a human so I can see how the humans treat their dogs when they don't think any other dogs are watching. Demon Flash Bandit (Undercover Human)

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