Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Brian Should Not Have Died!!!!

For those of you who watch Family Guy, I want to let you know that I was both saddened and highly annoyed that their dog, Brian, was killed by a car in the last episode. I would warn you that this is a spoiler alert except for the fact that it is all over the web so I think my readers will already know about this plot twist. What were the writers on Family Guy thinking when they decided to kill Brian? It wasn't funny! In fact, I never think seeing a dog die is anything bur tragic!!! Why not kill one of the human characters. In fact, that old guy in the walker seems a bit strange to me, and he has one walker leg in the grave anyway. Why not let Brian live and kill that old guy? From what I've seen of him in the show, I think there is something more to his character than meets the eye. I don't like to make accusations, but judging from his interest in Chris, that old guy is a dirty old man who the show could live without. Perhaps they should have considered bringing on some new characters, and I would suggest another dog since we dogs are so important to the humans. I do hope that, since this is a cartoon, the writers will find a way to bring Brian back. The world is not as bright without Brain in it. I was looking forward to reading his next novel. I think we should all start an Internet campaign to bring Brian back to life-or we quit watching the show!!! Demon Flash Bandit (Live Dog Because I'm Not on Family Guy)

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