Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Demon Flash Bandit Excluded from Wedding!

My brother, Jeff, was best man at his friend's wedding Saturday, and I didn't even get invited to the wedding! Can you believe it? I refused to put my pawtograph on the card for him. If you don't invite this dog to the festivities, this dog does not give a pawtograph on the card. I'm sure the happy couple will wish they had been more thoughtful about inviting a dog once they realize in years to come that my pawtograph would sell on ebay for a lot of money! I have already sold a bandage worn on my paw on ebay. Let's face it, there aren't that many blogging dogs out there, and how many of the ones who are out there blogging have ran for President twice? I don't know why more humans don't include dogs in on their activities. We love to pawty too, and we are much more fun to be around than many of the humans. They didn't include Angel Zoom Smokey either, but I can understand not inviting her. She can be a real pain in the tail. She barks too much, and I've caught her stealing my treats. However, I bet she wasn't included because of her dogness. There is entirely too much prejudice against dogs in our society which is why I keep running for President. It is going to take a dog in high office to stop the discrimination. I do hope that Chris and Tiffany have the best of luck....they'll need it without being able to auction my pawtograph in the future! Demon Flash Bandit (Not Included)

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