Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Dogs Who Hoard Treasures

I am so pleased to be featured in a new reality show on the Dog Planet channel entitled, Doggie Hoarders: "Dogs Who Have Treasures Stashed". How did I receive this high honor? I received it because I deserved it! Since I was a wee puppy, I have been hoarding important stuff all over the house. My latest stash includes a box of Ding Dongs that are at least 7 months old. Sure, I could have been impatient and eaten them immediately. However, as any dog can tell you, food is always more delicious if you allow it to age. To get maximum flavor from ding dongs, ho hos, cupcakes or twinkies, they need at least 3 months after the "best eaten by date" before eating and every day that passes beyond that point just makes them better. The big difference in the reality show involving doggy hoarders versus human hoarders is that the dogs watching the show admire the hoarders. The humans are idiots who think the hoarders are crazy or bordering on crazy. It is ridiculous when you think about it. The humans who hoard are not encouraged to do so even though they are less wasteful and more interesting than the non-hoarding humans. Have you ever been inside a house of one of those obsessively clean humans? Talk about boring: their houses are not only boring, but downright annoying. A dog can't find anything fun to chew on or play with in those houses that the humans won't be upset about the dog "messing with". This is why it is so important if you want your house to look nice and be interesting to hire a doggy decorator. They are the only decorators that know what they are doing! Demon Flash Bandit (Discussing Dog Hoarding)

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