Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I Will Let You Know What I Enjoy in Life

Just because I'm a Siberian Husky does not mean that I don't enjoy being comfortable. Last night, I left the bedroom, and of course, the door was left open when I came back. The bedroom tends to be warmer than the rest of the house so there was cold air getting through into the room. I was sitting near the door so it was hitting my fur directly which was not comfortable for this dog. What did I do? I did what any sensible dog would do under the circumstances-I cried until one of my humans shut it for me. Then I went back to sleep. This brings me to my topic for today. Why do the humans always think they know what us dogs want to do? Does it ever occur to the humans that just because I have thick fur that can handle cold well does not mean that I enjoy being cold all the time. Also, we huskies are muscular and like to pull things, but does that mean that we love pulling a bunch of fat butt humans around while they sit there and expect us to do all the work? Believe me, no matter what the humans think, we would rather be napping. I get very tired of the human "know it all" types thinking they know what a dog likes to do and they try to think for us. As long as they have the little human size brains, they will never know how us dogs think. We are too smart for the humans. Now let me take a nap, and keep that door closed! Demon Flash Bandit (Humans Have no Clue What Dogs Enjoy)

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