Saturday, December 28, 2013

Scrooge McDuck Will Not Appear on Duck Dynasty!

My recent blog stating that Scrooge McDuck would be replacing Phil Robertson on Duck Dynasty is no longer true.   A&E is cancelling Phil's suspension, and he will be returning to the show without missing even one episode.  This is supposed to be a reaction to all the humans who protested his suspension, but this dog thinks it is because Scrooge McDuck wanted a lot of money to appear on the show.  Let's face it, Scrooge is a miser, and misers like to make money.  I think this is just another situation where the humans are being silly.  It seems to me that Phil's freedom of speech was not violated since everyone seems to know exactly what he said.  I have no idea why A&E got so upset as to suspend him from the show which seems to be an over reaction.  My humans buy a lot of dvds and blu rays and all of them state that the commentary is the opinion of the commentator and not that of the network or movie studio.  An important thing to remember is that, with freedom comes consequences which a lot of the humans seem to forget.  I am free to bark at my neighbor's dog, but if I bark insults at him, and he wants to bite me, that is the consequences of my barking insults.  I can keep my barking to myself if I know it is going to annoy the other dog.  Personally, I think Duck Dynasty would have been a much better show if it was named Dog Dynasty.  However, the family's dogs do make appearances on the show which makes it an okay show in my book.  Any show that includes a dog has to be good!

Demon Flash Bandit (Scrooge McDuck Will Not Appear on Duck Dynasty)

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