Thursday, December 26, 2013

My Letter to Mr. Santa Paws:

I hope every dog and his or her human had a merry Christmas. I had a nice one myself. I got so many toys and treats that I felt like the luckiest dog on Earth! I even got gifts from several of my doggy pals who live in other states! I had meant to share my letter to Santa Paws with all my readers before Christmas, but my secretary hasn't been doing her job on the computer much lately. You know how the humans are: their priorities are always stupid. My human actually put doing "holiday" stuff above typing my blog. Yes, I know it is ridiculous, but what is a dog going to do? Pay someone to do my secretarial work for me? That would be ridiculous, this dog has better things to do with money than pay a human when I could be using that money to buy dingo bones! Dear Santa Paws, I'd like to thank you for all the wonderful Christmases up until now. You have always come through with wonderful gifts and treats every year. I'm sorry I have neglected to send you a thank you card after each Christmas. It must be depressing to spend so much of your time making toys and delivering them on Christmas Eve, and getting all the letters asking you to bring stuff, and then so few follow through with a thank you card. I know you don't expect much from the humans, but I'm sure you must be disappointed when a dog forgets to follow through with a card or letter of appreciation. We dogs are much more polite than the humans! I'm sure you will bring me lots of nice stuff for Christmas, and I know my humans will give me lots and lots of stuff too so there is no need to ask for specific items. It would make me very happy if you could bring some of my potential gifts to dogs who don't have humans to watch out for them. I am 10 years old now so I'm not a puppy anymore. I am healthy, and plan to spend many more years with my humans and my fellow dog, Angel Zoom Smokey. However, since I am happy and have been blessed with humans I love and humans who love me, I would be happy if you would bring some of the toys you had planned to give to me, and give them to some dog whose life has not been as blessed as mine. If you could scout out some homes while you are delivering gifts and see which ones could use a dog, that would also be very helpful. I hate the thought of so many dogs not having good homes where they can be happy and enjoy the ultimate of dogdom-humans who love them! Thanks in advance for all the wonderful things you have given me this year. Love, Demon Flash Bandit

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