Monday, December 9, 2013

Cleaning for Christmas!

Christmas will be here soon. I know this because Mommy brought home a tree yesterday. I know that sounds exciting, but the tree isn't real, and to be honest, I don't find the holiday that amusing except for the gifts I get each year. I bet you are wondering what I don't like about Christmas so I will tell you. I don't like the humans cleaning. Yesterday I had to rescue a box of Milkbone Marro Bones that I had in my stash. I'm sure all the dogs reading this know how important a stash is to a dog! When the humans come in with bags of groceries and various household items, a dog is supposed to check out the bags and see if there are any treats that need to be rescued and put into the "stash". When a pet is dependent on humans who are stupid and have such bad memories that they might forget to feed you sometime in the future, a stash is a necessity! Let's be realistic, they might forget where they live in the future, and not make it home for weeks. This is why a dog has to take care of himself when he can! Anyway, I decided I might as well eat the Marro bones while I had them in my mouth carrying them to the bedroom. You carry your snacks to the bedroom, don' you? I shared some with Angel Zoom Smokey (against my will), and there is still about half a box of them left. I guess I'll finish them later tonight! Anyway, that is why I supervise the cleaning. If you don't keep an eye on the humans, you never know what stupid thing they will do next! I must admit that even though a real tree would be a nice item on which to pee, I've heard that water and electricity do not mix. Sure, it would be handy if you needed to execute a bird (and who among us doesn't want to do that), but they are kind of pretty, and Mommy has some new husky ornament this year. I'm sure the tree will look "huskeriffic"! Demon Flash Bandit (Supervising Christmas Clean Up)

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