Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!!!

Today is Halloween so I woke up howling one of my favorite songs, I Like Candy.  The song is one of my favorites because I do love candy so much.  I will be howling this song a lot today so that my humans will hear it, and eventually, will give me candy.  I am such a clever dog!!!!  Yeah, I know what the dogs reading this are does not take much to be smarter than the humans!   I know the humans are easy to manipulate, but a when it comes to candy, it is best not to take chances!  This year I think my humans bought a dog "submarine outfit", but I don't mind.  Since Angel Zoom Smokey and myself think that a dog dressed up in costume looks silly, our stunt dog, Phantom Fast Snowman wears all costumes.  Since Phantom is a full sized stuffed husky, he never complains so it works out for Angel and myself.  When I was a puppy, my human Mommy got the stupid idea of buying me booties.  I didn't care for the booties, and she gave up having me wear them.  While she was putting one on one paw, I'd be taking the other one off the previous paw.  Since I'm a very stubborn dog, she gave in long before I did so I have never had her try to put the stupid booties on me again.  I don't want to go outside and have squirrels and chipmunks laughing at me.  You don't see a squirrel or a chipmunk wearing shoes!  Of course, I'm sure that most dogs would be happy to chase and catch a squirrel or chipmunk so that the humans can put shoes on them in exchange for leaving the dog bare pawed.  When the trick or treaters come by to get candy, one of my brothers gives it to them, and Mommy hangs out in the bedroom with Angel and ,me.  Angel gets too excited over children and wants to kiss them, and she can get a bit carried away with the kisses.  I do hope that everyone has a nice Halloween, and if you get too much candy, send it to me, Demon Flash Bandit.  I'll be sniffing the mail in hopes of smelling candy!

Demon Flash Bandit (Wishing Everyone a Happy Halloween)

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