Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Music in Space

Today I am going to discuss NASA and the space program. I think it is about time this dog pays tribute to the brave astronauts who went into space. Of course, they didn't do it until dogs had done it first, but that is typical of humans--send a dog first and then follow the dog. By the way, those early astronauts, when asked why space travel was better back then, said it as because at that time, it was not necessary to pick up a dog's poop. Yeah, the humans always find the important things to appreciate. My favorite astronaut was Louie Armstrong, the first man to play the trumpet in space. Until he went up in space, the humans weren't sure if instruments would play in space. Now there are bands who go into space to play--particularly novice musicians whose parents send them up in a rocket whenever they need to practice. Those young musical students owe so much to Louie Armstrong--who showed the world that you can send people who play music into space. I want to share Louie's famous quote: "one small note for man, one giant symphony for mankind". Although it is nice that the humans are able to play music in space, let's not forget those brave dogs who put their paws on the line before the humans. Demon Flash Bandit (Discussing NASA)

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