Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Birds Should be Executed

I have been unable to write a blog for about 4 days because my computer caught a virus. I warned that machine to get its flu shot, but the smart aleck computer listens to a dog about as well as the humans do. Since I have been unable to write my blog, I have been relaxing and catching up on other things that need to be done....like chewing on a rawhide bone which I have found a very enjoyable way to spend the day. Of course, I've also been taking care of the sick computer--bringing it fluids, and feeding it memory soup. I don't think that is helping the virus, but the computer seems to enjoy the attention. While having some extra time on my paws to enjoy, I decided to watch the best of the Mr. Ed television show. I like Mr. Ed, and consider it to be a good show, but there was one episode where Mr. Ed liberated a bunch of birds. This is where Mr. Ed and I disagree. Birds should not be liberated--they should be executed. If Mr. Ed was a dog instead of a talking horse, he would know this fact. However, the rest of the episodes were good, and I recommend them to anyone who has not seen the show in the past--or who has seen it because it is good to watch again. Demon Flash Bandit (Discussing Mr. Ed)

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