Monday, October 15, 2012

Sled Rider: New Television Show

For those of you who enjoy the television show, Knight Rider, which is from the 1980's, you are going to love my new television show which I am producing and in which I am starring. That show is going to be called, Sled Rider. Of course, like the Knight Rider car, KITT, on the old Knight Rider program, the sled will be a super intelligent sled that will be able to talk and tell the dog what to do. The big difference will be that the dog will choose to listen to the sled--or not, and the dog will always be right. How can the dog be wrong when I'm playing that role? I'm sure the show will be a super big hit, and you can look forward to watching it when it comes on later this year. Demon Flash Bandit (Star of Sled Rider)

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